Welcome to The SEW SQUAD

Unleash your creativity through fearless quilting.

Hi, I'm Libs Elliott! I've been involved in the quilting scene for a solid 14 years. I've been sharing my knowledge and work with quilters globally for a whole decade. I'm driven by building meaningful community connections while empowering individuals to unlock their full potential by encouraging creative growth in positive ways. Get ready to unleash your creativity with me in the Sew Squad. Let's go!

The Sew Squad unites quilters who are looking to grow in our craft, exchange innovative techniques, push creative boundaries and learn from one another without fear of judgment, so that we can ignite our creativity and be more confident in our artistic expression while building a supportive and inclusive community.

As a Sew Squad member, you have the opportunity to invest in your own creative journey while connecting and bonding with other members who are on a similar path. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, joining this community allows you to learn new techniques and share your passion for sewing. Seek inspiration from the talented individuals who make up this vibrant community and embark on a journey of self-expression through the art of sewing. Unlock your creativity, gain valuable skills, share knowledge and find fulfillment in being part of a supportive and collaborative environment. 

Just a few of the benefits:


~ You will shatter limitations and discover your full creative potential

~ You will feel confident with new skills in a supportive setting

~ You will form real connections with like-minded creatives in a meaningful way

In addition to skill-building, creative boundary-pushing, and community bonding, the SEW SQUAD provides flexibility and support:
  • NO JUDGEMENT ZONE - Unlike social media feeds and forums, the Sew Squad is a troll-free zone where you'll find supportive makers who share knowledge and cheer each other on.
  • YOU DECIDE - Choose which activities you'd like to participate in and hear about via notifications
  • NO COMMITMENT - Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time
  • TECH EXPERTISE NOT REQUIRED - The site is easy to navigate and you can access technical support should you need it.
  • NEVER MISS OUT - When you RSVP to a live workshop or talk, you will get a recording so you won't miss a beat. (Because, among other things... timezones are tricky!)
  • HAVE YOUR SAY - Participate in forums and polls to help shape paths for future programming in our community


Join based on what you can afford. The Standard Plan works for most and the Sponsor Plan assists with Helping Hands sponsored memberships. Every plan includes the same benefits because that's how community works.

The SEW SQUAD is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. 

I truly believe that there is room for all people to sew and grow. And, whether you’re brand new to the craft or you’re a seasoned quilter, there will always be space for you in the SEW SQUAD. 
Finances should never be a barrier to creativity. Should you require it, please email me directly to discuss alternate membership options such as the Helping Hands sponsored membership.